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Thought leadership platforms

Trialogue’s knowledge-sharing platforms provide corporate clients with the opportunity to profile their work, position their brands as thought leaders, and share their insight with peers in the development sector.
For more than two decades, The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook has been the leading corporate social investment (CSI) publication in South Africa, providing reliable data and insight that has contributed to deepened understanding and impact in the developmental sector. The publication responds to the increasingly holistic role of business within society, encapsulating but not bound by the concept of CSI.
This annual event convenes more than 400 civil society, private- and public-sector delegates to share insights and innovations, in order to strengthen development interventions. In 2022, we hosted our first hybrid event, which explored the theme of reconnection after the lockdowns and physical distancing brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Diarise 9 and 10 May 2023 for the must-attend next Trialogue Business in Society Conference.

A freely online platform, the Trialogue Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive and growing body of knowledge on topics across numerous development sectors. The Hub provides companies with the ability to showcase their social investment work across chosen areas of development and to reinforce good citizenship positioning of their corporate brand. Additionally, the NPO Directory on the Hub helps funders identify non-profit organisations (NPOs) for potential partnerships.

The Trialogue Academy is an educational platform offering online and hybrid courses in responsible business, sustainability and corporate social investment. It distills more than two decades of industry experience and thought leadership, providing professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to deepen their understanding of key concepts in development.

Trialogue hosts monthly webinars, providing expert input and insights on a range of responsible business topics. CSI and responsible business practitioners can engage in discussions that help to enhance the impact of responsible business initiatives.

Trialogue has partnered with Expresso, SABC 3’s award-winning breakfast show, to provide select companies with the opportunity to showcase their responsible business initiatives. This unique opportunity amplifies companies’ commitment to social and community development.

The 2023 Trialogue Business in Society Handbook is available.


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