DEVELOPMENT TOPICS: Safety and security


Investing in safety and security in Africa helps to safeguard lives and property, maintain stability, and preserve social cohesion.


These are important factors, since an unstable environment threatens business itself. It also makes sense to protect your employees and customers from crime and violence, which can lead to injury or death, damage to property, and financial loss

 Africa has several challenges when it comes to safety and security.


On a macro level, these include war and displacement, terrorism and violent extremism, political instability, and leaders refusing to give up political office. According to the 2022 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, of the 29 coups that have taken place worldwide between 2012 and 2022, 23 have been in Africa.  

In addition, violence against civilians and armed conflicts are more severe now than they were ten years ago. Protests have become more common, along with complaints of police brutality. Further challenges on the continent include crime, inadequate policing leading to vigilantism, and a mistrust of security and justice institutions.  


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