how you can participate in the trialogue knowledge hub

Position your company as a responsible business leader


Showcase your insights and success in responsible business through stories, evidence, and thought leadership. 

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub provides a platform to: 

Industry leader sponsorship

The industry leader sponsorship option is for companies that wish to profile their responsible business stories across sectors, on a platform with the integrity and reach of a Trialogue publication. The company’s responsible business stories are placed across the Trialogue Knowledge Hub in their relevant development sector categories, as well as on the company home page. The package includes the following:

Topic sponsorship

The topic sponsorship option is for companies that lead in a particular area of social development or responsible business. The topic sponsorship package builds on the industry leader package to show the full scope of your work, as well as to evidence your commitment to a specific sector and share your learning through topic webpages containing original and curated articles, insights, research and case studies. The package includes the following:

Sponsor an online event

Sponsor a Trialogue Webinar with your brand front and centre at Trialogue’s monthly webinar on a specific topic matched to your responsible business activity and marketing goals. The webinars bring together a panel of experts to discuss specific responsible business topics.

Promote a case study

Engage Trialogue to write and publish an online case study exclusive to your responsible business initiative, with an in-depth case study suitable for news-media PR.

NPOs receive a 50% discount on online case studies about your non-profit, its activity, goals and achievements to engage potential funders.

List your NPO

Make sure potential funders can find and engage your non-profit organisation by listing your NPO in Trialogue’s South African NPO directory.

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