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Social and community development addresses the socioeconomic needs of communities through initiatives relating to social assistance, welfare, job creation, infrastructure and more.


This helps communities, particularly those in less developed regions, to bring about the necessary changes that improve lives. Investing in socio-economic development programmes will help to address social challenges. This aims to bring marginalised and economically excluded people into employment where possible and to provide social safety nets for others. The ultimate aim of social and community development is to reduce unemployment and poverty.  

Community capacity building  


Investing in social and community development makes communities more resilient. It builds capacity that enables communities to find solutions specific to their own challenges, rather than those imposed on them by well-meaning donors or partners. This increases trust and understanding between companies and communities, which generates goodwill and leads to additional inclusive initiatives. It also engenders company loyalty among community members.  

Company support for social and community development 


The areas of social and community development that typically receive corporate support include welfare organisations; infrastructure, facilities and equipment; job-creation programmes; and awareness programmes. Priority areas include youth employment, support for orphans and vulnerable children, victims of violence and abuse, people with disabilities, the aged and people without homes. Job-creation programmes especially for young people, have become more urgent as unemployment has grown across Africa, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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