Stats and Importance of School Leadership

The need for leadership at schools

"In his presentation on the standard for South African principalship, James Ndelbe stated that effective school management is universally accepted as critical for the success of a school, with lack of leadership considered a main contributor to underperformance and dysfunctionality in schools. This is usually related to the capacity, competence and nature of the school management teams, particularly the principal. "

"He explained that various education intervention case studies show that, when external consultants withdraw from programming, objectives cannot be sustained if they are not championed internally by a person, or people, with leadership abilities. For sustained results, good leadership is required at the school, as well as at the circuit, district and provincial levels. 

Experience also shows that once-off leadership training is not enough; educators, principals and managers need consistent mentoring and coaching, until a mind shift is effectively entrenched. "

Source: Policy on the South African standard for principalship. Emasa Conference Presentation. James Ndlebe (ppt)


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