Investec Promaths: Growing potential exponentially


Promaths provides extra tuition in Maths and Science to learners in Grades 10 to 12 at selected schools across South Africa.

"What first began in Dobsonville, Soweto, 12 years ago, has grown enormously. To date over 5000 school children have been through the programme and this year a staggering 263 distinctions in Maths and Science have been achieved.

Our flagship, award winning Promaths programme, seeks to support the South African education system to produce students that are competent in Maths and Science- the two subjects deemed most vital for the ongoing growth of our economy. Investec wants to help produce today, the accountants, scientists, engineers, and even the astronauts of tomorrow.


Entrepreneur uses digital tech to grow South African literacy - CGTN Africa

As part of the of the BRICS Rising Star series, CGTN Africa featured a start-up in South Africa that's using the digital revolution to embrace new opportunities. Ordinary citizens in the BRICS nations haven't yet felt the full impact of advancing technology - but young people are desperate to make connections and form meaningful partnerships. A young entrepreneur in South Africa is using technology to upgrade the education sector and improve literacy in schools across the country. This is his story.

South Africa: Teaching girls IT programming


Preparing Girls in Africa to meet the challenges of the 21st century: That's the goal GirlHype has set itself. Each year around 500 young women are taught computer programming in order to improve their options when they enter the labor market.

Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School - Oracle


Ten years ago, Nelson Mandela asked Oracle to build a school in one of Johannesburg’s poorest townships: Tembisa. Formed under apartheid when black people were forced to resettle, Tembisa today still grapples with high unemployment, drug use, and poor sanitation. Amid this backdrop, Oracle built the Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School, in partnership with the local government. Today, many of those first graduates have beaten the odds. They are engineers, doctors, and teachers, and they have given hope to future graduates who know no boundaries.

Litha Primary School


Litha Primary School is situated in Gugulethu in the Western Cape. They are a no-fee school and were selected by the WCED as one of their model schools for ICT roll-out and integration. They have enthusiastically embraced e-learning and have shown that they are not a township school, but a school of excellence in a township.