In Pursuing Radical Economic Transformation, Youth Must Harness Technology

In a world that will be dominated by the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, robotics and cryptocurrencies, for South African black youth to truly advance radical economic transformation, they must embrace the fourth industrial revolution through innovation and creativity. Youth should channel their energy and attention into acquiring skills that will be required in the epoch we are entering.

We should critically question the education system, and ask questions like: What are the skills sets required in the fourth industrial revolution? What type of skills do we have now that will become redundant? Is the curriculum in basic and higher education future-ready? What is the value of knowledge, when Google and YouTube are at our fingertips? Young people, particularly those in the ANC, should honestly reflect on these questions and come with concrete strategy and practical programmes to prepare for this change.

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Tags: ICT in Education