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[Case Study] Columba Leadership Programme
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Improving School Leadership Volume 1: Policy and Practice
Improving School Leadership Volume 2: Case Studies on System Leadership
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Leadership Development in Primary Schools
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Learning Schools Initiative
Lessons from companies involved in school leadership interventions
Managing ICTs in South African Schools A Guide for School Principals
National Education Policy Act, 1996 (Act 27 of 1996): Policy on the South African Standard for Principals
Old Mutual Education Flagship Project: Richard Varha Secondary School, King WIlliams Town, Eastern Cape
OLD MUTUAL: The far-reaching effects of developing school leadership
Overview of some school leadership initiatives
Partners for Possibility: Our case for principal development
Personal and Professional Leadership Development Programme
Principals and SMT leadership development initiative -Report for Siyawela
Researching The Need: School Leadership and Quality of Education in South Africa
SA Districts Centre of Excellence Programme
School Leadership Programme: There is no 'silver bullet' for education
Siyawela / Old Mutual Education Flagship Programme: Principal and SMT Leadership Initiative
South African teachers fail simple maths and English tests
Systemic interventions in schools – New partnerships and new perspectives
Systemic School Improvement Interventions In South Africa
Teachers and school leaders in schools as learning organisations: Guiding principles for policy development in school education
Teachers, Parents And School Leaders Working Together To Improve Learners’ Education: Deep Dive Executive Summary
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The South African Schools Act, No 84 of 1996
Understanding the root causes of our poor education
Viewpoint: In conversation with education experts