Educator Training: Connecting Leaders

"Connecting Leaders is a comprehensive Educator Training Program, launched by Change the World Trust in 2010, motivating educators in difficult and under-resourced schools.  

The objectives of this program are:

  • To equip educators with leadership expertise & practical training
  • To improve their access to online resources
  • To provide classroom management & positive discipline workshops & mentoring
  • To provide quality Basic IT Training"

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SA teachers return from China tour with ‘discipline, punctuality, respect’

The 25 South African school principals, who spent two weeks in China on a study initiative, have returned home. The school managers from all provinces were accompanied by four officials from the Department of Basic Education.

The principals spent 15 days in Shanghai as part of the Department of Basic Education’s empowerment initiative for school managers in partnership with the government of China, through the East China Normal University’s International Centre for Teacher Education.

The principals had been selected from the leadership of the South African Principals’ Association, which is an affiliate of the ICP. The initiative is part of the DBE’s commitment to support professional associations in the field of leadership and management, in line with the National Development Plan (NDP).

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The South African Quality Institute: Continuing Professional Teacher Development

SACE (South African Council for Educators) has a mandatory Continuous Professional Teacher Development programme for all registered teachers applicable to every school in the country. Courses endorsed by SACE earn professional development (CPTD) points.

Topics currently covered are:

  •  An introduction to Total Quality Education (TQE); 
  • Challenges of leadership in a Quality School; 
  • Conflicts occur in every school – let’s resolve them!; 
  • Ethics is for everyone; Growing Madiba’s values in our schools; 
  • Influential leadership levels and types; 
  • Introverted children: making sure that they shine; 
  • Is there a bully on your staff?; 
  • “Should I leave teaching? I’m so demotivated?”; 
  • Stop teacher stress completely … well almost completely!; 
  • The higher the teacher’s EI (Emotional Intelligence), the better the teaching;

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Siyawela: School Self-Evaluation and Self Improvement Plans

"Siyawela is an independent, non-profit training agency that implements and manages education programmes aligned to the needs of South African communities. Established by GM South Africa Foundation in 2000, Siyawela has developed and implemented training interventions which offer innovative approaches to problems affecting schools and communities. Siyawela consequently has an extensive portfolio of effective education programmes which can be offered in a variety of contexts."

 School Self-Evaluation and Self Improvement Plans

"The Department of Basic Education requires every school to conduct an annual School Self-Evaluation (SSE) to get an honest assessment of their school’s performance. The results are then used to develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP), detailing what the key challenges of the school are and how these will be addressed.

Through a series of workshops, Siyawela helps primary and high schools with this process – aided by the GM South Africa Foundation’s web-based SSE instrument which helps schools determine their strengths and areas that need improvement."

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Partners for Possibility: School Leadership Forums

"The School Leadership Forums are a series of panel discussions, talks and workshops‏ for principals and members of their school community that empowers them to deal with challenges at school, by providing them with practical solutions to problems faced in the education sector.

SLF aims to reignite leadership qualities in each Principal and provide them with an opportunity to receive input on education related matters in a professional environment. It also creates an excellent networking opportunity when large groups of Principals interact with each other, community organisations and other business leaders.

The SLF Programme is unique in that it touches more than just the Principal - the School Management Team, School Governing Body and teachers are invited and engaged as well."

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Partners for Possibility is a creative solution to South Africa' education crisis - it is a co-action, co-learning partnership between School Principals and Business Leaders, enabling social cohesion through partnerships, and empowering Principals to become change leaders in their schools and communities. The Partners for Possibility Programme facilitates cross-sectoral reciprocal partnerships between Business, Government and the Social Sector.

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KST: Empowerment and Transformation Workshops

"All schools are introduced to the District Whole School Development programme through an Empowerment and Transformation Workshop, commonly known as a “retreat”. A retreat is a weekend workshop where the educators, school management leadership and together with the leadership of the learner organisations get together for open and honest discussions on the factors affecting school performance. The process aims to create unity within the schools through the development of a cohesive vision and a strategic plan to ensure long-term success and sustainability."

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Edufundi: Lead Like a Champion Workshops

"The core focus of our support to schools is around Instructional Leadership. This is related to the core work of schools that is “Teaching & Learning” and can further be defined as “… the guidance and direction of instructional improvement” (Elmore). The leadership activities in the school should therefore be connected to and supportive of the teaching and learning processes.

Principals and School Management Teams (SMT) are often so consumed by managing resources and completing administration tasks for the Education Department that the business of teaching and learning is forgotten. The main aim of a school is to ensure that all learners are educated. Teachers need support and guidance to ensure that this happens effectively."

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Macmillan Education: School Management Workshops

Macmillan offer a variety of workshops aimed at school leaders and School Governing Bodies (SGB's).

Some of the Topics currently covered are:

  • SGB Workshop – A guide to surviving your time in office
  • Practical Solutions to Manage Behaviours in the Classroom
  • Strategies to Address Disciplinary Problems in the Classroom
  • Curriculum  Planning and Management for SMT(School Management Team) Members
  • The SMT and People Relations
  • The School-based Support Team
  • Professional Ethics in Education
  • Conflict Management in School
  • Positive Classroom Management
  • Diversity Management

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