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IPASA: Annual Review of South African Philanthropy 2019

"This Review includes an anchor article about philanthropy by Bhekinkosi Moyo of the African Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment (ACPSI) at Wits Business School. It then explores stories of how philanthropy has engaged in different sectors such as health, education, sport, training, the arts, social justice and the environment. In addition, the Review includes articles pertaining to issues that philanthropy is exploring such as its tax status in South Africa; the shortage of data on philanthropy across the country; the role of philanthropy in relation to impact investment and shareholder activism; the role of community foundations; and the importance of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in leveraging philanthropy’s eff ectiveness. This volume also features reviews of books asking fundamental questions about the true moral value of current philanthropic practice. The Review further includes some personal stories of families who have made the decision to formalise their giving in the form of structured philanthropic foundations."

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Source details:  The Annual Review of South African Philanthropy is a publication of the Independent Philanthropy Association South Africa (IPASA); Editor: Shelagh Gastrow; First published  October 2019;  ISBN: 978-0-6399409-2-2

A nation of givers? Social giving among South Africans

"South Africa appears to be a nation of givers: over half of respondents (54%) gave money to charities or other causes, a third (31%) gave food or goods to charities or other causes, while slightly less than a fifth (17%) volunteered time for a charity or cause, in the month prior to being interviewed. In addition to giving to formalised institutions or causes, slightly less than half of respondents told us they gave money and/or goods (45% respectively) not to formal charities but directly to the poor – street children, people begging on the street and so on."

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The Giving Report IV - A Survey on the Giving Practices of High-Net-Worth Individuals in South Africa

"It has been nine years since we launched the first edition of The Giving Report, a research initiative that was the first of its kind in South Africa, looking at the giving behaviours and practices of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). As a business we have continued to invest in this periodic research due to the consistently overwhelming and positive feedback, and believe this research continues to play a significant role in strengthening philanthropy in our country. I am very proud to present this fourth edition of The Giving Report, which builds on eight years of indepth research, feedback and suggestions.

It has been pleasing to identify some positive demographic shifts in the sample population of HNWIs for the first time since we introduced the research. Especially pleasing is the growth in the percentage of female and non-white HNWIs who participated in this cycle. Given the still alarmingly high levels of inequality in our country, this is a positive shift and we look forward to this trend expanding even further in the future. The effects of the sustained tough global economic climate have trickled down and are being felt by all. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the total percentage of affluent South Africans who consistently engage in philanthropy has gradually declined over the eight years during which The Giving Report has been produced. This latest report shows that this trend continues, with 83% of HNWIs having said that they regularly gave, compared with 94% in 2010.

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2017 CAF World Giving Index

Gill Bates, the chief executive of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Southern Africa, reports that the 2017 CAF World Giving Index shows that that in trying times, South Africans still tried to help where they could. “There is a new surge of energy on the continent and in South Africa, within the philanthropy, development and corporate social investment space, which is exciting to see,” says Bates.

The annual CAF World Giving Index looks at how and why people around the world give to charity. It’s compiled from data from 139 countries, representing 95% of the world’s population. The report includes questions about three different types of giving behaviour --  helping a stranger, donating money, volunteering time -- and ranks each country accordingly. 

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The Giving Report III: A survey on the giving practices of high-net-worth individuals in South Africa

Amid a challenging economic environment in 2015, this third Giving Report confirms South African HNW individuals’ continued commitment to giving back to society. The results across the three Giving Reports – spanning a five-year period – are remarkably consistent and show that the vast majority of HNW individuals give to social causes they care about over the long term without formalised structures or strategies.

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Charities Aid Foundation: South Africa Giving 2017

Despite challenging economic circumstances, the South Africa Giving 2017 report reveals that individuals in South Africa – particularly the younger generation – continue to give of their time and money to assist individuals and communities in need.

Detailing the different ways that people in South Africa donate and volunteer, this report covers how much money on average is donated by individuals, which causes people give to, how people like to give, as well as what motivates people to give.

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The Global Landscape of Philanthropy

global"From a description of various forms of individual giving to the growing importance of community philanthropy and structured, institutional giving, the current report is an effort to bring back the diversity of the field of philanthropy at the center of the debate, by drawing a comprehensive and provocative picture of current trends and challenges of the field. The report also raises some of the questions and issues most critical and central to its development – from technology and shrinking civic space to power dynamics within philanthropy practice and concepts, to the evolving role and form of philanthropy infrastructure."


Sizing the Field: Frameworks for a new narrative on African Philanthropy

This report presents an analytical framework for documenting and highlighting the different types of philanthropic activity being pursued in Africa by individuals, communities, and organisations.

It first lays out an overall framework for thinking about different forms of philanthropy and then identifies four categories of philanthropic activity that have been the focus of this first exercise. We estimate the potential size of each category where possible, and highlight emerging observations from the 150 organizations and individuals that were profiled.

The report also offers an analysis of broader trends both continent-wide and in the data available for different parts of Africa and the Diaspora, and we conclude with some suggested areas for further work to deepen knowledge in this field.

Source details:

This report was produced for the African Grantmakers Network (AGN) by Dalberg Research and Dalberg Global Development Advisors. The AGN committee that guided the production of the report included Halima Mahomed and Bhekinkosi Moyo from TrustAfrica. The production of the report was managed by the Southern Africa Trust. © 2013 African Grantmakers Network

Corporate Giving Around the Globe 2017: CECP

Guidance for corporate community engagement professionals to steer their international strategies and navigate differences across regions.

Giving Around the Globe: 2017 Edition is a treasure chest of insights and best practices on how business can be a force for good.The four topics highlighted are:

  1. How technology can be used to improve employee engagement. 
  2. How businesses can use their advocacy power to uphold human rights and good ethics. 
  3. How the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be used as a road map for defining long-term business goals and recalibrating the positive contributions of business to society. 
  4. How businesses can deal with the rapid growth of voluntary disclosure and become a proactive force on critical issues. 

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