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Department of Basic Education Annual Performance Plan, 2018-2019

"The National Development Plan stresses that South Africa has set itself the goals of eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, growing the economy by an average of 5.4 percent, and cutting the unemployment rate to 6 percent by 2030. Education, training and innovation are critical to the attainment of these goals. Therefore improved learner performance, especially in subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST), is critical in the Basic Education Sector.

"The introduction of the MST Conditional Grant was a response towards promoting the teaching and learning of these subjects. Over the MTEF period, the Grant will focus on strengthening the implementation of the NDP and the Action Plan to 2019 by increasing the number of learners taking Mathematics, Science and Technology subjects and improving the pass rates. This has to be undertaken within the economic climate that is not growing as it should. An educated and highly skilled citizenry is perhaps one of the single urgently needed resources to ensure that the economy of the country is on the positive trajectory and quality basic education is at the centre of this vision."

Read the "Department of Basic Education Annual Performance Plan, 2018-2019", published by the Department of Basic Education.