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Teachers and school leaders in schools as learning organisations: Guiding principles for policy development in school education

Output of the ET2020 Working Group Schools 2016-18

This report is structured around a set of nine Guiding Principles for policies to support teachers and school leaders in schools as learning organisations. The report is aimed primarily at those making and shaping policies with an impact in and on education systems. It takes a broad perspective on the governance of school education systems, taking into account not only structures, but also relationships, capacity, culture and accountability at multiple levels.

There are clearly connections, or overlaps, between the nine principles. However, each one of them addresses considerations at different levels within the education system. Moving from principle No 1 to No 9 the focus broadly shifts from the system level, i.e. (central) authorities through schools to individual teachers and school leaders.

  • Chapter 1 of the report explains the context of this report by the ET2020 Working Group on Schools and how it was produced
  • Chapter 2 introduces the Guiding Principles and explains which values underpin them
  • Chapter 3 puts the principles into the broad context of current policies and research thinking, and explains how they were developed
  • Chapter 4 looks at each of the nine principles in more detail.

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