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Systemic School Improvement Interventions In South Africa

Some Practical Lessons From Development Practitioners. Edited by Godwin Khosa (2013)

systemiccover"This book records the experiences of the JET practitioners involved in school improvement. It focuses, in particular, on the systemic improvement test programmes implemented in Mthawelanga circuit in the Eastern Cape and Retladirela circuit in the North West Province. It captures the models and approaches that the two projects adopted, narrates the experiences the project staff encountered in pursuing the partnerships to improve the educational outcomes in the two circuits, sheds light on what works and what does not work in school improvement, confirms and dispels assumptions about the conditions in South African schools and districts, and offers some recommendations on the school improvement journey going forward. It captures the experiences of working with school improvement theory, funders, unions, government officials, school teachers, school communities and learners."

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Tags: School Leadership JET