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The Justice Desk

The Justice Desk


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Misqah Appollis
060 627 1963

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The Justice Desk


The Justice Desk, an award-winning human rights organisation operating in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, empowers local people to understand and defend their rights in order to build safer and more equal communities for all. The NPO, which works primarily in township areas and vulnerable communities, aims to equip people with the necessary skills and platforms to lead their own change – however, it also educates and trains civil society and governments about how to transform society in a more sustainable, just and equitable fashion. Their key areas of focus are: gender based violence, children’s rights and human rights education.

The Mbokodo Club (The Rock Club), one of the Justice Desk’s flagship projects, focuses on challenging gender-based violence (GBV) by offering female empowerment workshops, mental health care support, and self-defence classes to girl survivors of GBV in Nyanga, Western Cape (often called the murder capital of South Africa). The project empowers, equips and mentors around 60 young girls a year, providing them with the tools they need to defend themselves and lead more empowered lives. The motto of this project is draw from the resistance song Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo’ (You strike a woman, you strike a rock). The project further aims to raise awareness of the need to dismantle the systems that normalise GBV and allows for it to flourish, as well as mobilises and supports national governments and international mechanisms to begin tackling the root causes of GBV in various communities.

Last updated:

29 April 2021