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The FunDza Literacy Trust

The FunDza Literacy Trust


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Mignon Hardie
021 709 0688
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The FunDza Literacy Trust


The FunDza Literacy Trust targets youth and adolescents from under-resourced, book-poor communities, believing that early reading changes lives. It promotes reading for pleasure by producing exciting local content that inspires lifelong reading habits and leads to future success. FunDza uses technology to reach a broad readership through a ‘cellphone library’ and delivers reading and writing programmes nationwide. It helps young people to develop the vocabulary, empathy, and creativity they need to excel in school, work, and life.

FunDza’s innovative work centres on supporting three stakeholder groups:

  • FunDza engages its FunDza Fanz community through its site, reaching thousands of young people every day. The interactive platform allows users to comment, like, share and post their own content for publication on the Fanz site, as well as sign up for open online courses to test and improve their language skills and enter competitions. The WhatsApp chatbot makes reading material easily available.

  • The FunDza Family network supports more formal reading programmes, providing books and training to reading groups, schools, and community libraries across the country. With the move to more virtual interaction, it offers support in running reading groups using the FunDza WhatsApp platform. It also runs writing workshops (both face-to-face and online).

  • Through the FunDza Friends group, FunDza works with government and non-profit partners to deliver customised literacy as well as reading and writing promotion solutions. These include support for reading and writing courses or an online curriculum, facilitators training and more.

Last updated:

30 November 2020