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Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa)

Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa)


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Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa)


Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa) focuses on eradicating child hunger, specifically among vulnerable children aged 1-6 attending Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. RAH Africa’s Results Oriented Nutrition Programme guides ECD facilities in designing development plans, helping them to meet the legislative requirements of the Children’s Act and qualifying for registration with the Department of Social Development (DSD). RAH Africa assesses ECD centres according to developmental stage, supplying them with between three to five meals per learner per week for a predetermined period, with the help of volunteers.

By educating its donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, and suppliers about the role they can play in minimising child hunger, RAH Africa hopes to improve food security on the continent, while also ensuring a safe, hygienic and productive learning environment at ECD facilities. RAH Africa achieves this by purchasing fire extinguishers, First Aid kits and teaching equipment, while also training educators and installing safe toilets. Savings achieved on food are redirected to achieving registration requirements.

Last updated:

30 November 2020