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Since 1999, Masicorp’s work has made a difference in the lives of people in Masiphumelele township, focusing on education and skills development for adults and children. Projects range from pre-school to adult learners, with education providing a route out of poverty, in consultation with community members.

Its flagship project is the Learning Lab concept, which was rolled out at Ukhanyo Primary School in 2011. This project aims to help upskill teachers through the Learning Labs model, a dynamic and interactive method that focuses on skills transfer. The focus is on building relationships with teachers and supporting them as they work through the curriculum with their learners. Teachers are trained in proven effective maths and English instruction by modelling teaching methods and classroom management with their teachers and their classes for at least two years. Teachers operate in resource-rich learning environments equipped with books, games, puzzles and other resources to make learning fun, interactive and engaging. Maths and English labs allow learners to enjoy activities during lunch time and after school, inspiring a love of learning beyond the classroom. Children at Ukhanyo who struggle with English attend ‘Masifunde’ support lessons to strengthen their English literacy skills.

Masicorp’s school programmes also extends to support in high school Maths and Science, as well as a Pathways programme which focuses on career pathing and mentoring of Grade 11 and 12 learners at Masiphumelele High School.

Masicorp also reaches pre-school age children in the Masi community through two Masicorp ECD centres which care for nearly 300 children. The Masicorp ECD programme also extends to working closely with 17 underequipped informal creches in the community, providing them with guidance, support and resources.

Helping people to look forward to a sustainable future is an important part of the work carried out by Masicorp. Masicorp does this by offering various skills development programmes for adults and teens in the Masiphumelele community. These programmes include teaching valuable computer and sewing skills which can be used to find employment, or start a business.

Masicorp firmly believes in the importance of collaboration and partnership. This is why each and every programme that is rolled out is done in consultation with the Masiphumelele community. Similarly, by partnering with various other community organisations, Masicorp is able to extend their reach and increase the impact and benefit to the community.

Last updated:

30 November 2020