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How to invest in Enterprise Development

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are very powerful tools to create jobs and lift people out of poverty. Investing in ED in South Africa helps to stimulate the growth of black-owned SMEs and draw them into the broader economy, usually through supply chains. Although one traditionally thinks of ED in terms of financial support, there are numerous ways to assist small businesses, including training and mentorship, providing access to markets, funding social programmes, and helping companies to promote their goods and services. Below are several examples of interventions, many of which do not fall into one category only.

Models of interventions:

  • Promoting small business

This intervention model assists small and medium businesses with exposure, expertise and, at times, funds to invest in the business. It also encourages entrepreneurship in young people as a conscious career path.  Click here for examples of this model.

  • Financial support

The financial support model offers funding to SMEs to get their businesses started or to grow existing businesses. Some interventions match investors and entrepreneurs rather than providing funding directly. Many interventions provide business skills and mentoring in addition to funds. Click here for examples of this model.

  • Training and mentorship

This model focusses on providing training, mentoring support, and assistance to turn ideas into workable business plans; to grow existing businesses’ capacity; and develop entrepreneurs’ skills. Click here for examples of this model.