Enhancing early literacy through African narratives. by Helvi Wheeler (TEDxWindhoek)


Halve emphasise the role parents should play in creating a reading culture and investing in a home library and not simply relying on schools to foster a child's thirst for knowledge and love of reading. Helvi Wheeler is an Instructional Technology Designer with the Teaching and Learning Unit (TLU) at the Polytechnic of Namibia, and a published author of books for children. Helvi founded Yambeka Children Media. Yambeka is a term which literally means “Blessed” in the Oshiwambo language (for the benefit of international visitors, this is the language spoken by the Ovambo people of Namibia). Yambeka Children Media was created to promote Namibian and other African languages and traditional stories for children between 3-13 years. Helvi is working to make sure that in five years’ time, Yambeka Children Media puts Namibian and African stories on the map of the world. “I also hope to have children’s cartoons, toys, clothes and books that reflect this pride in the rich cultural heritage that we have in Africa.”

Tags: Literacy Multimedia