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ICT in schools

We’ve got to get technology into SA’s schools. Now.

Zaheera Soomar, Head of Education – Socio-Economic Development and Responsible Partnerships at Anglo American, explains that the Anglo American Education Programme has always offered a holistic approach, but now Anglo American has decided to take their involvement in digital education further by introducing their ICT Education Project. This project involves working with a range of partners in the technology, government and nonprofit sectors in order to develop a model for ICT tuition in lower-quintile schools.

Teachers need skills training in technology for the hybrid teaching model

Sillas Pillay, director of academics at The Love Trust, a non-profit organisation that provides vulnerable children with quality education and social care, says that the pandemic exposed and exacerbated gaps that were already existent within our struggling education system. He says that, in order to improve this situation, teachers need to be provided with training which will enable them to use new technologies and learning tools within the classroom.