Giving Practice

Overview of NPOs in South Africa

The South African Constitution, aimed at ensuring the quality of life and potential of all citizens, enshrines the rights to a healthy and protected environment and access to education, land, housing, healthcare, food, water and social security. The non-profit sector plays a crucial role in assisting government to deliver the full spectrum of social support services needed to help realise these rights.

How to select a beneficiary organisation

With so many worthy organisations and causes in South Africa, it can be daunting to decide which ones to support. There are many considerations that should inform this decision, including ensuring alignment between the funder’s and recipient’s objectives, and how best a sustainable impact can be made. 

Types of support for non-profit organisations

There are several ways to support an NPO, including financial support (e.g. grants, bequests, loans, equity capital) and non-financial support (e.g. donation of goods or services, volunteering, bartering).

Guide to the tax consequences of donating directly to non-profit organisations

This is a general guide to the tax consequences of giving directly to non-profit organisations and is not intended to be comprehensive. It is important to seek advice applicable to your own circumstances.