The litter traps and solid waste pollution of the Hennops River – a race against the coming rains

"In October 2019, with a group of amazing river warriors and volunteers from the local community, we set up two beautiful litter traps. Litter traps are like functional artworks that enhance and clean the areas around them. They can also assist to provide a livelihood for the local people, who have been helping to put them up. The new nets will be game-changing and offer a chance to fight back against the overwhelming pollution."

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Social entrepreneurship improving access to drinking water in Cambodia

"Over the last 15 years, GRET has been supporting small water operators in rural villages in Cambodia to improve access to drinking water. Since 2012, GRET has been supporting the development of a services centre called iSEA (Innovative Services for Engineering and Advisory), which is dedicated to these companies. Following World Water Day on 22 March last, on the theme of “Water and Jobs” and the institutionalisation of iSEA in the form of a company governed by Cambodian law, GRET looks back over this social entrepreneurship experience and its contribution to access to drinking water."

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