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Case Studies and Examples

Engen Maths and Science Schools

"The Engen Maths and Science School programme evolved out of the Engen Saturday Schools initiative, launched in the mid-1980s. It exposes learners from grades 10 to 12 - who show potential in maths and science - to high-quality teachers and educational materials.
Engen Maths and Science Schools matric pass rate for the past 5 years has been over 90%, which is well above the national average."

"In South Africa, our focus on Education aims to drive the development of a growing pool of technical and commercial human resources, providing supplementary support to government efforts to promote Maths and Science education. Our investment is aligned to the Engen bursary programme and skills development scheme to ensure continuity and to maximize Engen's investment on all fronts."

Read more about this initiative on Engen.co.za