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Bulungula Incubator IiTablet Tshomiz Programme

"In the Bulungula Incubator IiTablet Tshomiz programme we are enhancing the quality of our programme using online learning aids that can improve the quality of the learning experience in under-resourced schools. We are modelling and implementing a replicable “technology for quality education” programme that makes excellent online programmes widely available for a deep rural setting where learners face the most challenging conditions in the country. We believe that through this, we can effectively address the skills gap in Mathematics and as the programme grows, in English too.

We already have over 500 learners from two schools in the area, from Grade 1-9, accessing the programme weekly during a facilitated session. We are adding 100 learners a month and aim to have four schools on the programme by the end of next year. While developing the IiTablet Tshomiz programme we are also compiling a toolkit for sharing with other organisations."

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