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School and Infrastructure Support

This model focuses on the provision of the computer hardware, software and infrastructure needed in order for learners to benefit from access to ICT. The focus is often on the rural areas of South Africa, where there is a critical need for learners to be provided with internet access, computers, tablets, and workspaces, in order to benefit from digital technology and gain access to the information society.

Telkom Corporate Practice: A Focus on ICT in Schools

Using Telkom’s resources and ICT capabilities, the Telkom Foundation drives structured sustainable development programmes in the areas of education, health and social welfare. It has a long-term commitment to improving the quality of STEM education, with a special focus on foundation levels. Some of their areas of development are:

  • A focus on ICT in schools
  • An integrated ICT programme: addressing cyber safety
  • The Cyber Safety Ambassadors initiative
  • A refined ICT Schools Model  
  • A resource for keeping families safe online

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MTN SA rolls out Foundation School Connectivity Programme

In the past eight years, the MTN SA Foundation has handed over more than 350 computer labs to schools in under-serviced areas. They have full internet connectivity and are equipped with educational material and curriculum content. The MTN Foundation provides functional ICT facilities at schools, teacher training, curriculum-aligned content, learner education in special needs environment through specialised equipment and digitised content.

Telkom rolls out Next Generation Connected Schools Programme

In July 2017, Telkom pledged over R200 million for a five-year programme to improve the quality of teaching and learning with a focus on STEM in disadvantaged communities. As part of the programme, it also provided ICT infrastructure and related support in the five high schools selected, in the Tshwane West Education District. In collaboration with the district office of the Department of Education (DOE), the Foundation’s pilot project supports Grade 8 learners through to matric and has committed to rolling out the programme up to grades 11 and 12. Each grade 8 learner received a two-in-one tablet device and each school received a computer lab for grade 9-12 to provide access to technology and educational content to the learners in the school not directly involved in the programme, plus connectivity of 100 gigabytes a month. Educators received laptops, in-depth change management training, and ICT integration training in partnership with Schoolnet SA. 

Good work Foundation: Open Learning Academy

The Open learning Academy is an online programme that is aimed at assisting mostly rural children. It works alongside the curriculum and focuses on some of the challenges focused specifically by rural schools, while also focusing on developing learner’s STEM skills.

SA Connect reaches Limpopo

The Government's department of Communication is working hard to bridge the digital divide and provide internet access to the country, starting with the Limpopo province. Their broadband project will connect four public facilities, provide ICT equipment to three schools, and introduce a cyber security outreach programme in the area.

Gauteng principals receive smart tools of trade

In August 2019, in partnership with Vodacom, the Gauteng Department of Education provided 2 200 principals across the province with the latest Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphones.  The aim was help school principals to remain in close contact with the department to speedily resolve any problems, as well as share information on best practices with one another.