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capitecThe Learning Study approach is a model for Teacher Professional Development engagement with teachers in the classroom.  Learning study embraces an explicit learning theory, namely variation theory.  This is a pedagogical theory for framing the learning experience and addressing the learning gap often evident in learners. 

sdu logo 0The theory gives teachers a language for explaining how learners respond in the class, thus enhancing their capacity for diagnosing learner misconceptions. The Learning Study pilot was funded by Capitec,  and has had significant influence on the way future interventions have been planned at the Schools Development Unit (SDU).  The outcomes have led to the extension of the theory to other subject areas, namely English and the Sciences. 

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"This collaborative project is a two-year cycle of intensive training and classroom coaching and support to improve Mathematics and Science in specific project schools identified by Education Department districts.

  • Three education districts identify 20 schools to participate in the 2017-2018 Cluster Project cycle.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) commits schools and teachers to full participation in the project.
  • A comprehensive baseline Needs Analysis is conducted per school by PSP facilitators.

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"A range of courses are presented to improve the Language, Mathematics & Science content knowledge and teaching skills of a wide group of teachers from surrounding communities, over three terms annually. Individual courses are accredited by the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and teachers receive professional development points for each course that they attend.

Teachers are invited to an Annual Mass Planning Forum (AMPF) facilitated by the PSP. This allows us to hear from teachers directly, and together we identify content knowledge gaps and areas for improvement to be addressed by the following year’s programmes.

Courses are developed based on the feedback received at the AMPF.

Schools register with PSP at R1000, 00 per year which allows all their teachers to attend courses throughout the year.

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South African Mathematics and Science Teacher Intern Programme (SAMSTIP), Investec and the Department of Basic Education are offering prospective Senior and Further Education and Training (FET) teachers specialising in the fields of Mathematics and the Sciences an opportunity to win bursaries to study for a four year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree or a one year postgraduate (PGCE) certificate at UNISA.

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"The following special initiatives to improve the quality of mathematics and science education have been introduced at the national and provincial levels:

  • The Strategy for Teaching English Across the Curriculum (EAC) seeks to strengthen the Language of Teaching and Learning, as well as its use across the curriculum. A strengthened LoLT should enhance content acquisition.
  • The Maths, Science, and Technology (MST) Strategy and Implementation Plan seeks to improve enrollment and success rates in mathematics, science, and technical subjects, and improve teacher content knowledge; address teacher demand, supply, utilization, development, and support; strengthen partnerships for education reform and improved quality; and provide resources to schools to support effective teaching of MST subjects.
  • The Literacy and Numeracy strategy seeks to develop reading and writing, and the issue of numbers (mathematics) in the General Education and Training band. This strategy flows into the MST and the EAC strategies in the Further Education and Training band."

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