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Case Studies and Examples

The AECI Wise Wayz Water Care (WWWC) programme started in 2016 and is based in the Mbokodweni catchment area, working with 122 members of the Folweni and Ezimbokodweni communities in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal. WWWC promotes healthy natural environments through water and food security, while also developing community skillsets and sustainable livelihoods in historically disadvantaged communities. WWWC keeps a 30 kilometre stretch of the Umbogintwini River clear of solid waste and invasive alien plants, and has rehabilitated the Ezimbokodweni wetland of approximately 0.9 hectares, providing ecosystem services such as flood attenuation to the community. The rehabilitated area is cared for and monitored by the community.


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Merchants Group partners with the non-profit Columba Leadership to deliver the Columba Youth Development Programme. This values-driven programme aims to activate the potential of young people from underprivileged communities by equipping them with problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills to become effective leaders and improve their employability. The programme also inspires young people to be agents of positive social change in their schools and communities. Through Columba, Merchants engages with a few schools each year and remains involved until the principles of the programme have become embedded into the school culture, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the programme. The programme engages various stakeholders, including principals, teachers, learners, the Department of Basic Education, and Merchants’ executives and staff. Through its participation in the programme, Merchants Group gains insight into the youth market and is able to develop an alternative employee pipeline by building relationships with young leaders before they enter the job market.

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THE STRATEGIC WATER PARTNERS NETWORK – South Africa (SWPN-SA) is one of South Africa’s most innovative public and private sector partnerships. The objective of the SWPN-SA is to help close South Africa’s projected water gap in 2030 through collaboration and partnership projects with strategic national impact.

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This report is based on research carried out during two workshops on ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Creating Shared Valued’ (CSV) with Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Small, medium, micro enterprises (SMMEs) and government representatives in the eMalahleni District in the Mpumalanga province and Rustenburg in South Africa.

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Sam Hirst, Nando's Peri-Peri Farming Initiative manager shared how Nando's creates shared value for small farmers in southern Africa who farm their unique African Bird's Eye Chillies used in the Peri-Peri flavour Nando's is famous for, with delegates attending the recent Africa Shared Value Summit. He also took part in the panel discussing Smallholder Farmers: Agriculture's Game-changers.

Under the theme “Partnerships for growth”, the Africa Shared Value Summit aims to spark social change by encouraging businesses, especially large corporates, to implement shared value business models that have a positive impact on communities through their supply chains. 

Woolworths Holding Ltd (Woolworths) in collaboration with a select number of farmers in South Africa has been providing expertise to farmers, as well as sense of provenance and transparency in the supply chain to consumers.  This example of shared value makes gaining and making profit while creating products seem beneficial for both the company and the farmers. It creates trust and transparency in the supply chain, ensuring that consumers can hold the supplier accountable for the conditions under which the product is produced. 

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The Eskom Contractor Academy addresses the national imperative to increase the number of functional small and medium enterprises, while also improving the quality of businesses that Eskom can procure from. This initiative aims to build the capacity of historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, particularly youth and black women, to compete in the formal economy.

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The Singita private lodge in the Kruger National Park (KNP) partnered with the Singita Community Development Trust to establish the Singita School of Cooking in 2007. Since then, this partnership has afforded a select group of aspiring chefs the opportunity to create a better life for themselves, their families and by extension, their communities. 

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Experiencing a sexual assault is without a doubt intrusive, disempowering and traumatic. For survivors of this abhorrent crime, the ordeal is often exacerbated by indifference or the mismanagement they experience when trying to access care and support after the fact. In South Africa, the prevalence of HIV/Aids and the fear of possibly becoming infected as a result of the violation add significant stress to survivors.

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Old Mutual will include a new and integrated pan-African vision for the group’s social responsibility activities and policies across the continent in 2018. This new strategy will focus on:

  • Being a responsible continental corporate citizen;
  • Consolidating strategic CSI interventions across Africa and
  • Building capacity and earning buy-in.

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