The Pella Food Garden Cooperative is a vegetable production farm operated by five female members ranging in age from 25 to 55 (one of whom is classified as youth and one who is physically disabled). All of the cooperative members are heads of and sole contributors to their households. Prior to 2017, the co-op struggled to farm its drought-ravaged land but could not generate enough income to utilize all their land or buy inputs.

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The Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneurship programme is the only global corporate- sponsored programme of its kind. As a global programme, it supports entrepreneurs to tap into a wide network of other entrepreneurs and opportunities. A recent review of the programme revealed some interesting insights about how to best structure support for entrepreneurs for the purposes of job creation and creating a pipeline of suppliers in Shell’s core business.

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At Exxaro, investment into enterprise and supplier development (ESD) is being embraced and prioritised. The mineral resource company, which has proven its commercial resilience by diversifying its interests into renewable energy, demonstrates thinking that is both strategic and socially aware while remaining mindful of the need to future-proof its business beyond mining. With operations across some of the poorest nodes of the country that traverse the coal belt, Exxaro is well placed to use its influence and footprint to build a socially inclusive business that not only invests in local communities, but leverages its own assets and resources to create new opportunities for the economically excluded.


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ilovecoffee logo 150xI Love Coffee is an award-winning social enterprise staffed by the Deaf and their mentors.  We help members of the Deaf community shine as baristas and chefs in our cafes.  70 – 90% of Deaf South Africans are unemployed. I Love Coffee provides training for Deaf Black Youth without requiring a minimum level of education or literacy.  We provide barista and chef training as well as soft life and customer skills.  We retain the majority of our trainees but also assist those who wish to enter other organizations or who want to study further. 

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 The Simama Ranta competition is aimed at identifying and rewarding South African secondary schools that are exemplars and leading the way in entrepreneurship education. The Eskom Foundation believes that one of the best ways to curb underdevelopment in our communities is to teach the youth, at school level, to consider entrepreneurship as a viablecareer choice. Instead of studying to be job seekers, they should learn the skills to start and run successful businesses and in so doing, become job creators.


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The Old Mutual Foundation is committed to driving transformation through effective socioeconomic development initiatives and the integration of marginalised South Africans into the mainstream economy. Beyond simply providing funding, the Foundation is determined to create positive and sustainable impact.

  • The Foundation funds and provides ongoing support to black-owned businesses that have high potential for job creation.
  • A hybrid funding approach combines grant funding from the Foundation and loan funding from the Masisizane Fund, the Foundation’s primary funding partner in this space.
  • The Foundation and the Fund provide business mentorship and training to all supported businesses.

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The Eskom Development Foundation is mandated with implementing the organisation’s corporate social investment strategy in sectors including enterprise development, education, healthcare and social and community development.

Some of their projects include:

  • The Contractor Academy
  • The Simama Ranta School Entrepreneurship Education Competition
  • Business Investment Competition
  • Small Business Expo

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