Guidelines for Effective Funding in Safety and Security

● Substantial funding in this sector goes towards alleviating violent crimes. Because the incidence of
such crimes is high, other threats to safety and security may be overlooked. Funders should consider
the effects of non-violent crimes, such as substance abuse.
● Since violent and gender-based crimes usually pose long-term medical and social challenges to
those affected, a holistic approach that seeks cooperation of all relevant stakeholders should be
adopted. These stakeholders can then leverage their expertise and resources to combat crime.
Funders can consider interventions that engage government structures, NPOs and businesses that
are actively involved in tackling crime.
● Successful programmes in this sector ensure that people feel safe in their communities. When
donating funds, it is imperative for programmes to address key social risks that affect communities.
● More funds should be geared towards supporting victims of crime and violence, and rehabilitating
past offenders to help integrate them back into society.