The South African Wind Energy Association highlights 36 wind projects selected to date as part of the REIPPPP.

The Green Skills Project – a programme emerging form the Environmental Skills Planning Forum chaired by the Department of Environmental Affairs – focused on post-school green skills development, producing conceptual frameworks, training courses and a research toolkit to help employers, SETAs and other to better understand and quantify the demand for green skills.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust oversees the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN), which recognises the importance of biodiversity to business. Biodiversity is under threat globally and the private sector is one of the primary drivers of its degradation and loss. In 2018, the NBBN assessed the performance of all Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed companies and two state-owned enterprises with respect to mainstreaming biodiversity into their activities. This was undertaken to inform the Biodiversity Disclosure Project (BDP). The report was published in partnership with Eskom.

The Global Compact Network South Africa (GCNSA) is part of the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. The aim of the GCNSA is to bring the private sector to work together with other stakeholders to collectively respond to the national and global challenges of poverty, inequality and environmental degradation. This report outlines interventions that South African companies should focus on to achieve the SDGs.

About Trialogue

Trialogue is one of only a few consultancies in South Africa that focus exclusively on corporate responsibility issues. Over 17 years of experience puts us at the forefront of new developments in sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI).

We are a 51% black-owned company and the southern African Local Authority of the CECP Global Exchange.