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Little Eden Society

To provide holistic care to children and adults with profound intellectual disability

At LITTLE EDEN we aim to develop persons with profound intellectual disabilities to their full potential and to encourage the community to recognise that each such person is whole and complete created by God with a mind, a body, a spirit, a soul. LITTLE EDEN is a special place where we believe that the needs of every individual are of equal importance and people with severe intellectual disability should enjoy the rights and benefits that are offered to all South African citizens. Some of our residents have been abandoned and marginalised by society. People with intellectual disabilities are particularly vulnerable to discrimination and often live in social exclusion. The nature of the work carried out at LITTLE EDEN Society is underpinned by the three core Values of Respect, Sanctity of Life and Love & Careu00ae.

LITTLE EDEN has established a number of on-going care programmes including: - Medical care by volunteer doctors, dentists and psychiatrists, A Professional nurse is on duty 24 hours a day, daily chronic medications for 215 (72%) residents (epilepsy, mental illness, chronic diseases), Daily chest therapy which is critical to many of the residents, Emergency interventions as required - Individual personal care - Specialised beds and wheelchairs, feeding of 3 meals and 2 tea times per day, Clothing and nappy changes (2 500 nappies and 3 tons of linen and clothing are washed daily), Personal hygiene support (bathing, nail and hair care and teeth brushing)


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Little Eden Society, Wagenaar Street, Sebenza, Edenvale, South Africa
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