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Kronendal Music Academy

Igniting The Spirit

At Kronendal Music Academy we provide a stable, safe and nurturing afternoon environment, where the magic of music tuition develops children’s self-confidence, leading to enhanced cognitive, emotional and social skills, helping our children grow into future-fit, resilient individuals, whilst advancing and preserving South African musical culture.

Over the last 16 years we have developed a holistic model that places the child’s well-being in the centre of everything we do. Our award-winning Music Course, Pupil Wellness activities, our comprehensive Psycho-Social Support Programmes and Zero Dropout plan, all combine to support and heal mental and emotional health, and develop essential 21st Century skills.

The Kalahari Bushmen talk about the two hungers: there's the great hunger and there's the little hunger. The little hunger wants food for the belly, but the great hunger, the greatest hunger of all, is the hunger for meaning. Because meaning transfigures all.

At KMA, it is in our DNA to care, serve and give. We are addicted to hope. We ignite one another’s spirit. And that transfigures all of us here at KMA… because it gives us meaning.



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