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Global Teachers Institute

Transforming Education, Empowering Teachers

The Global Teachers Institute (GTI) is dedicated to training high-quality teachers for high-need schools in Africa. They offer school-based teacher education programmes, projects, and interventions to equip teachers with the skills and mindset needed to create impactful learning experiences.

GTI was established in 2017 through a collaboration between LEAP Science & Maths Schools and BRIDGE's South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition, building on their earlier efforts since 2008 to address the challenges of recruiting qualified educators.

GTI's mission is to develop reflective, empathetic, and socially responsible master teachers who can meet the unique needs of African schools. They provide additional support to teacher interns, who they call Future Leaders through a teacher internship programme, combining distance-learning university programmes with practical teaching experience and mentorship.

The organisation envisions quality teachers driving equitable and inclusive education that fosters a just world. By offering comprehensive teacher education programmes, GTI empowers educators to make a lasting impact on students and their communities.

Over the past five years, GTI has trained and placed over 500 high-quality teachers in high-need schools across Africa, resulting in improved student engagement and academic performance. Strategic partnerships with universities, education authorities, and corporate sponsors support their training programmes and ensure long-term sustainability.

GTI aims to expand its reach, with a goal of training and placing 1,000 qualified teachers in high-need schools within the next three years. They have implemented a diversified funding strategy, including partnerships with local businesses, grant funding, and individual donor support, to achieve their objectives.



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