Whole School Development

Whole School Development is a mechanism used to improve and uplift the academic, infrastructural, social and security environment in schools. WSD aims to ensure that schools have the necessary management and community leadership to support an environment conducive to excellence in teaching and learning. - Adopt-a-School


The Adopt-a-School Foundation identifies the characteristics of a healthy school as:

  • Well-developed, accountable and supportive leadership with an established and clear vision and for the future of the school
  • Dedicated and committed educators.
  • Clean and well-maintained surroundings and facilities with all necessary resources.
  • Good relationships and coordinated interventions with different stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates improved learner performance and has an excellent pass rate (80% – 100%).
  • Safe, healthy and happy environment which promotes human dignity.
  • Dedicated, committed and accountable school community which promotes the long-term sustainability of the school.

[Source: Adopt-a-School Foundation] 


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