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The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2017/18 ranks the quality of the country’s primary education 116th out of 137 countries. The quality of the higher education and training system is ranked 114th while the quality of maths and science education is placed in 128th position. [Source]

Research by Trialogue indicates that half of corporate social investment (CSI) is spent on education. But where should it be targeted for maximum return on investment? Maths and science is often backed at further education training (FET) level with mixed results. Read more...

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 There are a number of issues and challenges facing the teaching and learning of maths and science in South Africa. 

 What is the current status of maths and science education in South Africa?

 There are a number of initiatives addressing improving the quality of maths and science education.

 The quality of teacher training is a key issue in improving maths and science education.  

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