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Practical Resources

Creating Shared Value

A collection of resources from Harvard Business School in which they explore the next transformation of business thinking, which lies in the principle of shared value: creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society, by addressing its needs and challenges.

Innovating for Shared Value

Companies that deliver both social benefit and business value rely on five mutually reinforcing elements. In this Harvard Business Review article, FSG's Marc Pfitzer, Valerie Bockstette, and Mike Stamp outline a framework derived from a study of more than 30 exemplary companies.

Executive Summary: Extracting with Purpose

This report highlights how companies in the oil and gas as well as mining and minerals fields can create shared value by pursuing opportunities that tie business success to the prosperity of host communities and countries, often working in collaboration with governments, multilateral institutions, nonprofit organizations, and even competitors.

Banking on Shared Value

This Report explores the enormous potential to create shared value through retail, commercial, and investment banking.



What is 'Creating Shared Value'?

What does the term "creating shared value" mean?

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