Philanthropy in South Africa

Charities Aid Foundation: South Africa Giving 2017

Despite challenging economic circumstances, the South Africa Giving 2017 report reveals that individuals in South Africa – particularly the younger generation – continue to give of their time and money to assist individuals and communities in need.

Detailing the different ways that people in South Africa donate and volunteer, this report covers how much money on average is donated by individuals, which causes people give to, how people like to give, as well as what motivates people to give.


Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education (ASPIHE) in South Africa

The new survey, which is the third in a regular annual series with an increasing number of participating institutions, was conducted by EduActive Solutions Ltd on behalf of Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement with financial support from the Kresge Foundation.

Active Citizenry and Transformative Change in South Africa

In this article from the Nedbank Giving Report III, Sello Hatang, Chief Executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, addresses the importance of active citizenry in creating transformative change in South Africa. 

The Giving Report III: A survey on the giving practices of high-net-worth individuals in South Africa

The Giving Report III: A survey on the giving practices of high-net-worth individuals in South Africa

This third edition of the Nedbank Private Wealth Giving Report builds on the findings of the 2010 and 2012 research into the philanthropic commitments of South Africa’s high-net-worth (HNW) individuals.

Gift of the Givers: 25 years of philanthropy: Owen Williams

South African humanitarian organisation Gift of the Givers, the largest African organisation of its kind, has brought aid and comfort to people in need in 43 countries.

It has ongoing feeding programmes in South Africa, humanitarian missions in war-torn Syria and has helped to free South African hostages in Yemen and Mali. The group, founded and led by Dr Imtiaaz Sooliman, has helped to deliver water to drought stricken areas of South Africa and fed refugees in Somalia.

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A nation of givers? Social giving among South Africans

Findings from a national survey. Researched and written for the CCS, SAGA and NDA by David Everatt and Geetesh Solanki of Strategy & Tactics (2005)

South Africa appears to be a nation of givers: over half of respondents (54%) gave money to charities or other causes, a third (31%) gave food or goods to charities or other causes, while slightly less than a fifth (17%) volunteered time for a charity or cause, in the month prior to being interviewed. In addition to giving to formalised institutions or causes, slightly less than half of respondents told us they gave money and/or goods (45% respectively) not to formal charities but directly to the poor – street children, people begging on the street and so on.

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