Monitoring and Evaluation of Financial Literacy Programmes

Overview of some monitoring and evaluation methods

An overview of some monitoring and evaluation methods for financial literacy programmes. 

Financial capability in lowand middle-income countries: measurement and evaluation

A report on the World Bank’s Research Program and the knowledge from the Russia Financial Literacy and Education Trust Fund.

Toolkit for the evaluation of financial capability programs in low- and middle-income countries

A major initiative under the World Bank’s Russia Financial Literacy and Education Trust Fund is the development Toolkit, which provides methodological guidance for the evaluation of financial capability programs.

Financial Literacy Evaluation Toolkit

There is an increasing demand for reliable ways to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of financial literacy programs. This Financial Literacy Evaluation Resource Kit, produced by Prosper Canada Centre for Financial Literacy, provides resources and tested tools, along with information about their administration and use.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Financial Literacy Program in South Africa

An evaluation of a financial literacy programme showed improved knowledge about budgeting, increased self-reported savings, and reduced loan applications, but the evaluation did not detect significant improvements in other types of financial knowledge or practices.


Detailed Guide to Evaluating Financial Education Programmes

This guide provides an overview of evaluation – a process that allows program and project managers to systematically measure change to demonstrate that they are making a difference. It introduces the main concepts and considerations for planning and undertaking evaluations that would be relevant for a wide range of financial education projects, programs, and initiatives. 

Evaluating Financial Education Programmes: OECD/INFE Stocktake and Framework

This book draws together expert opinions and recommendations on the evaluation of financial education programmes. It provides evidence of countries’ experiences, challenges, and lessons learnt in evaluating their financial education programmes, and suggests an overall framework to guide policy makers and financial educators when designing an evaluation study. 

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