Implementing ICT in Schools

Implementation of ICT in rural schools in the Eastern Cape:The ICT4RED Cofimvaba story

The aim of this project is to contribute to the improvement of rural education through technology-led innovation by Provide tablets to teachers, learners and district officials at 26 Nciba Circuit schools, within the Cofimvaba School District.

Managing ICTs in South African Schools A Guide for School Principals

The purpose of this guide is to give principals and senior school management information on using and managing ICT resources so that they can provide leadership in their schools. The guide also considers some implications of the use of the computer and related resources for teaching and learning. The authors hope that it will also be a valuable resource for other senior members of the school staff, and for School Governing Bodies.

ICT-in-Education Toolkit -for policy makers, planners and practitioners

ICT-in-Education Toolkit provides education policy makers, planners and practitioners with a systematic process to formulate, plan and evaluate education development programs enhanced by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).