Financial Literacy Programmes in Action

Growing our young people: Growing our future.

Growing our young people: Growing our future.

Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng, opened its doors
 25 years ago to help children and youth with learning disabilities from disadvantaged homes. Their goal is to see that children and youth with barriers to learning are equipped with education and employable skills so that they can earn an income. This is done by following a holistic approach that includes comprehensive education, vocational skills training and intensive learner support initiatives. Sparrow Schools is just one of the projects aiming to support young people, funded by the MMI Foundation.

Momentum launches

Momentum launches "Making Money Matter" interactive board game aimed at improving financial literacy

“Making Money Matter” is a 3-stage interactive board game which teaches scholars how to budget and prepare for those moments when ‘life happens’. The programme and game introduces young people to personal finance through a ‘learning by doing’ method. Momentum believes that this is one of the most effective ways for young people to learn about personal finance.

Overview of some financial literacy programmes

An overview of some financial literacy programmes, including: Sanlam Money fo Sho! Financial Education Programme, Wits Radio Academy, Old Mutual Financial Well-being Programme, Stanlib Smartbucks Movie, Financial Consumer Education Foundation, Citiigroup Operation hope

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Financial Literacy Program in South Africa

An evaluation of a financial literacy programme showed improved knowledge about budgeting, increased self-reported savings, and reduced loan applications, but the evaluation did not detect significant improvements in other types of financial knowledge or practices.


An Impact Assessment of a prototype financial literacy programme in a rural South African Setting

This article applies experimental research to investigate the impact of the Bubomi financial literacy flagship programme. The programme aims to improve essential financial literacy skills, habits and behaviour of South Africans.