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Examples of shared value in action

This section explored examples and case studies of Shared Value initiatives. 

South African examples include:

  • Gold Fields invests in mathematics and science education among local schools. The company will benefit from a healthier workforce and greater productivity by developing local skills, while investment in education will strengthen the skills set among community members making them attractive employees not just for the mining industry.
  • Creating shared value through innovative partnerships: Strategic Water Partners Network - South Africa
  • Anglo American aims to help create cost-effective, efficient municipalities that are capable of delivering quality basic services such as water, sanitation, electricity and housing.

Shared Value in Farming Supply Chain

Woolworths Holding Ltd (Woolworths) in collaboration with a select number of farmers in South Africa has been providing expertise to farmers, as well as sense of provenance and transparency in the supply chain to consumers.  This example of shared value makes gaining and making profit while creating products seem beneficial for both the company and the farmers. It creates trust and transparency in the supply chain, ensuring that consumers can hold the supplier accountable for the conditions under which the product is produced. 

Case study: Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) in Australia takes an innovative approach to achieving poverty alleviation at scale. CGEP start and scaling for-profit enterprises with a social purpose to bring people from low-income communities into the supply chains and distribution networks of large corporations.

Shared value pilot projects: Gold Fields

As part of Gold Fields adoption of the Shared Value strategy, a number of its mines are carrying out pilot project which are at various stages of development.

Creating shared value: an exploratory case study from the University of Stellenbosch around eco-tourism

This research thesis from the University of Stellenbosch set out to examine the experience of shared value creation within the eco-tourism sector in South Africa.  

Creating Shared Value, a Case Study: Coca Cola

In this case study CAF examine how Coca-Cola strategically collaborates with a local Brazilian NGO as a ‘distribution partner’ on educating and training low-income youth with the objective of reducing unemployment among low-income youth while simultaneously increasing product sales.

Creating shared value in South Africa: a case study of Rustenburg and Emahlahleni regions.

This report is based on research carried out during two workshops on ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Creating Shared Valued’ (CSV) with Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Small, medium, micro enterprises (SMMEs) and government representatives in the eMalahleni District in the Mpumalanga province and Rustenburg.

Creating shared value through innovative partnerships: Strategic Water Partners Network - South Africa

This publication, launched by Minister Edna Molewa at the World Economic Forum, provides an overview of projects and initiatives of the SWPN-SA.These projects represent innovative partnerships between private sector and government in efforts to create shared value.

Creating Shared Value Case Studies: Nestlé

These case studies of Nestlé’s efforts in the areas of nutrition, water, rural development provide an interactive view of what the concept of shared value looks like in action.

Three Great Examples of Shared Value in Action: Adidas, Heinz, BMW Guggenheim Lab

Three great examples of socially responsible corporations.

Creating shared value for SA, now and for the future: Anglo American

In this piece, Anglo American explains what they are doing to create shared value for South Africa.