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Self evaluation of School Leadership: Domains, standards and statements of practice

School self-evaluation was formally introduced in primary and post-primary schools in Ireland in 2012. The Department of Education and Skills published School Self-Evaluation Guidelines in that year, to support schools’ engagement in school self-evaluation (SSE), with a focus on teaching and learning. The 2012 Guidelines referred to other dimensions of school provision that would over time become areas of focus for self-evaluation. The second dimension referred to was management and leadership, which is the focus of the quality framework set out in this guide.

Assessing the Effectiveness of School Leaders: New Directions and New Processes

Effective leadership is vital to the success of a school. Research and practice confirm that there is slim chance of creating and sustaining high-quality learning environments without a skilled and committed leader to help shape teaching and learning. This research report describes the elements of a possible new direction in school leadership assessment.

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