Defining Whole School Development

The power of Whole School Development

Whole school development (WSD) recognises that the factors which may influence a learner’s experience of learning, their unique capacity to construct knowledge and hence the effectiveness of education, are located within the school as a whole organisational system. The WSD approach is therefore geared to strengthen the overall functionality of schools and improve the mechanisms for delivering education in the classroom as well as the broader school environment.

What is Whole School Development?

The Whole School Development model looks to incrementally address a myriad of issues over a period of time. These issues include:

• strategic planning, leadership, management and governance,
• educator development, including knowledge and implementation of curriculum,
• school safety, security and discipline,
• infrastructure,
• learner support systems in mathematics, science, counselling etc,
• extra and co-curricular activities, and
• social welfare of learners