Safety and security

National Context in Safety and Security

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● The budget for Defence and Public Security increased, from R181 billion in 2016/17, to R198 billion in
2017/18. Almost half (47%) of this budget is allocated to police services.
● The Department of Correctional Services’ budget increased from R21 billion in 2016/17, to R22 billion
in 2017/18.
● Based on World Prison Brief data, as at March 2016, South Africa had a total of 161 984 prisoners
(including pre-trial detainees, who formed 28% of the prison population).
● According to the latest South African Police Service report, titled Crime Situation in South Africa,
serious crimes increased by 0.12%, to 2 129 001 in the 2016/17 financial year. Crime detected as a
result of police action increased the most (9.6%), from 355 926 in 2015/16 to 390 021 in 2016/17,
while contact-related crimes decreased the most (-3.3%), from 124 804 to 120 730 crimes in the same
period. Murder statistics reached its highest rate in 10 years, at 19 016 murders.