Disaster relief

National Directives for Disaster Relief

A Policy Framework for Disaster Risk Management in South Africa, 2005
This is the legal instrument specified by the Disaster Management Act, 2002, to address the need for
consistency across multiple interest groups, by providing a coherent, transparent and inclusive policy on
disaster management. It recognises the numerous opportunities to avoid and reduce disaster losses through
the concerted efforts of all relevant stakeholders (i.e. government, civil society and the private sector).
Drought Management Plan, 2005
This document aimed to develop an effective and integrated risk and disaster management system to
minimise the impacts of drought, by setting up a system for information management, implementing
and improving early warning systems, and establishing priority programmes for risk reduction. This was,
however, a discussion document released for public comment, which has not been updated.
Integrated National Forest Protection Strategy, 2015
This strategy looks at possible ways of safeguarding South Africa’s forests. Strategic goals include
educating communities about fire; ensuring efficient prevention and mitigation measures; improving
capacity development and cooperation with various stakeholders at regional and national level; ensuring
speedy rehabilitation and restoration of timber plantations; controlling and managing fire outbreaks
efficiently and effectively; and assessing the impact of fires and fire risks.