About the Knowledge Hub

The digital platform for social investment information


The Trialogue Knowledge Hub is a freely available online body of knowledge for business and other role-players that invest in socio-economic development.

Approximately R8.6 billion was spent on corporate social investment in South Africa in 2016. Equivalent magnitudes of funding were made available through private philanthropists and foundations. These investments are likely to be more effective if there is up-to-date research and case studies highlighting learnings and challenges from previous and existing initiatives.

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub will host in-depth, accessible research and information on specifi c topics across 12 development sectors. It will be freely available to anyone that wishes to access the information.

Trialogue will work with topic experts to ensure that the content is up-to-date and relevant and that the right target audience is reached, in order to maximise the impact of social investments.

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub represents a collaboration of corporate partners, knowledge partners, and Trialogue.




  • Sponsor topics related to their expertise and interests
  • Have their brands prominently associated with the Trialogue Knowledge Hub and the specifi c topic funded
  • Provide advisory input on topic content
  • Incorporate the company’s own case studies on the topic (subject to editorial oversight)
  • Provide communication and knowledge sharing support




  • Contribute academic or thought leadership input on specifi c topics
  • Are profiled as knowledge partners on the topic page
  • Vet content to be included on the topic
  • Assist with the origination of content for the specifi ed topic
  • Communicate and share Trialogue Knowledge Hub content with their own networks





  • Co-ordinates the collaborative effort
  • Provides editorial oversight to ensure credibility of content
  • Liaises with corporate partners, knowledge partners, and other experts in the fi eld to continuously source and publish content
  • Edits, summarises, and formats content to maximise usability and accessibility
  • Manages the Trialogue Knowledge Hub website
  • Markets content via mailing lists and social media


Value proposition for corporate partners

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub provides a vehicle for companies that recognise the value of driving thought leadership in social investment and development. Sponsoring a topic on the hub enables free access for the public.

The benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Contribution to the advancement of knowledge in a chosen development fi eld
  • Brand credibility through association with the Trialogue Knowledge Hub
  • Brand exposure on the website as well as on Trialogue communications (i.e. email, newsletters, social media)
  • Ability to leverage social investment by building and sharing lead practice
  • Opportunity to promote thought leadership role inside company and to external stakeholders

For more information, contact Ruen Govinder: 072 611 0287 / 021 6711640 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.